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Why is our Chamber so important? Our members will tell you why!

“I Am This Community” series gives a first-hand look from our own community and business leaders at what the Chamber and the EDC does to ensure that your business will grow and thrive here in Clarksville-Montgomery County, TN.


Founded in 1905, the Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce has proudly served the Clarksville-Montgomery County area for over 100 years. Hundreds of volunteer leaders have diligently pursued a common mission; to enhance the quality of living for Clarksville residents by promoting business and economic development, improving the community’s welfare and representing the interests of its members.

Today, the Chamber represents over 1,000 member businesses that account for nearly 30,000 full-time employees working in start-up entrepreneurial ventures, small businesses, established professional service providers and large manufacturers. They work in retail, finance, education, healthcare, real estate, government, law, communications, transportation and every other imaginable field.

To effectively represent this broad and diverse membership base, which accounts for a large portion of the Clarksville-Montgomery County workforce, Chamber volunteers and staff work daily to ensure a business-friendly environment so that existing businesses can flourish and new businesses are easily attracted to offer good jobs for our citizens.

The Chamber’s efforts are tireless when it comes to promoting what’s good and what’s right about Clarksville, not only for potential businesses, residents and visitors, but also for local residents. The Chamber works closely with local, state, and federal officials to help identify and offer solutions for issues within the community that can and should be improved.

Throughout the past century, the Chamber’s focus hasn’t changed, nor will it change for the next one.  We are a community that continually improves for the benefit of all its citizens.

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