Public & Community Affairs

The Public and Community Affairs committee focuses on education initiatives such as Partners In Education, The Imagination Library program  and Community Clean Up Days.

Committee involvement includes:

  • Helping find ways to fund Imagination Library for the more than 5,000 children in Montgomery County currently enrolled in the program
  • The Great American Clean Up volunteer effort is held each spring 

The committee connects businesses and schools by supporting Clarksville-Montgomery County School System education initiatives such as 100% Graduation and the Partners In Education breakfast. The Chamber also partners with the Montgomery County Career Center to host a Career Fair with approximately 3,000 job seekers visiting the 100 exhibiting organizations.

Each year the committee works to craft the Chamber's legislative agenda and present it to the Montgomery County delegation in Nashville. The delegation participates in committee meetings to discuss community issues to help determine areas of advocacy. Election year political forums provide an opportunity for candidates to answer questions. The committee planned a very successful international visit to China with twenty-five delegates participating and getting acquainted with the ancient yet changing culture in search of connections to our community.



Charter Commission for Consolidated Government Information

The Board of Directors supported formation of a Charter Commission for Consolidated Government.  By supporting the formation of a Charter Commission, the Chamber is not supporting or rejecting consolidated government.  It allows the residents of Clarksville-Montgomery County the opportunity to adopt or reject consolidated government by the election process.  We are sharing the information with our members and community so that you will be informed prior to the election.

The attached 5 sections that have undergone and passed legal review.  The final vote will be on June 28th.  Below is a list of the highlights from each article, including the 2 currently under review and the articles that will be coming up soon.  Committee is now meeting twice per month but are confident to have this Charter filed with the County Clerk’s office on August 9th so that it will make the November ballot.

5 sections have passed on first reading and legal review is complete:

  1. SCHOOLS – incorporates by reference the Charter of the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System.
  2. GENERAL SESSIONS COURT – the Municipal Court will be unified with the existing General Sessions Court at the expiration of the current Municipal Judge’s term (December 31, 2020).
  3. MAYOR – may serve three, four-year terms; presides over meetings of the legislative body, but is a non-voting member.
  4. LEGISLATIVE BODY – made up of 21 districts that mirror the current county commission districts, plus adds 4 at-large positions; members may serve three, four-year terms. No employee of the Consolidated Government may be a member of the legislative body.
  5. CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS – establishes those positions that are required by the Constitution of the State of Tennessee.

2 sections have passed on first reading and are under legal review:

  1. METROPOLITAN DEPARTMENTS – establishes the following departments of the Consolidated Government:
  1. Finance
  2. Purchasing
  3. Audit
  4. Property Assessment
  5. Treasury
  6. Building & Zoning
  7. Parks & Recreation
  8. Law
  9. Public Works
  10. Human Resources

The Legislative Body is authorized to create, terminate, organize, conduct and operate any department by ordinance.

The Mayor is authorized to administer and supervise all departments created by this Charter or by ordinance (unless otherwise stated in the Charter).

  1. GENERAL PROVISIONS – The name of our new government shall be the “Clarksville-Montgomery County Metropolitan Government.” This section establishes the Urban Services District (former City) and General Services District (former County). This division is required by state law. Also addresses:
  1. Expansion of the Urban Services District – may only occur with a majority vote of the legislative body AND a referendum of the affected areas that must pass by a 60% majority. NO taxes will be due until services are provided.
  2. Creation of Special Service Districts – may only occur with a majority vote of the legislative body AND a referendum of the affected area that must pass by a 60% majority. NO taxes will be due until services are provided.

Coming Up – the Charter Commission sub-committees are studying public safety, public utilities and personnel, all which will be discussed in the coming weeks.



Clarksville Political Forums 2018




Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that beginning July 10, coworking space for local entrepreneurs will be made available for free.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Chamber has set up a Facebook page at for area businesses to post discounts and offers to Florida families who have evacuated to Clarksville in preparation for hurricane Irma.


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