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Published Thursday, April 9, 2020 - Global Response Covid-19, our philanthropic arm, today committed $800 million + to support small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), health organizations and governments, and health workers on the frontline of this global pandemic (details are at this link). This also includes a $10 million Distance Learning Fund to help students continue to learn around the globe. In partnership with the WHO, the team made a $5 million donation and will be matching up to $5 million in public donations to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.  On top of that, also made a $500,000 grant to a team of researchers, epidemiologists, and software developers at Boston Children's Hospital working on HealthMap, a website that provides up-to-date trends of emerging public health threats and outbreaks. 


Resources for State and Local Governments:

  • Ad Grants for State Governments: This week, the National Governors Association sent a note to governors advising that Google is providing ad grants to help direct local online searches to state health departments so residents can easily access authoritative information on COVID-19 health information and local response efforts. 

  • SOS Alerts with state resources: We continue to develop new resources to connect users to helpful, safe information and resources. This includes an expansion of our COVID-19  SOS Alerts, which now include information from state health authorities.

  • Hosting Virtual Events, Town Halls and Live Streams on YouTube: If interested in hosting a virtual event or live stream to connect with your communities, please see this handbook for more information. 

  • Using Google Trends: At this link is a  step-by-step deck that explains how to use Google Trends to contextualize interest in COVID19 in your state or specific metro areas. We have also set up a new Google Trends page dedicated to Coronavirus search information.

  • Webinars for Elected Officials, Campaigns and Civic Groups: We’ll be hosting webinars outlining the latest in our ongoing global COVID-19 response and resources for elected officials, campaigns and civic groups to pivot their efforts online. More information and registration here. Topics include:

  • Cloud Solutions: Google Cloud is working with state governments to offer services to help with the expected deluge of inbound phone calls, emails, web forms. 

    • Automated Intelligent Chatbot Agent that will handle a percentage of incoming phone calls and emails. Here's an example: demo. It has a free tier of usage and we can help you put it up quickly. 

    • Automated Intelligent Forms Processing that will process applications forms for services as an assistive technology to humans. Reduces errors, processing time and manual labor. Here's an example demo.

    • COVID-19 Disease Monitoring and Control App provides insights into how fast and wide disease is spreading in real-time allowing health organizations to deploy immediate clinical attention to those areas most affected and at-risk.. It can be deployed within 24-48 hours. Overview video:

      • Used by NY Department of Health, and now being deployed across NYC, and NY counties for the Governor; State of Oklahoma went live with it last week; Italy is now in deployment.  


  • GSuite for Public Sector Remote Work: Google is working with the Federal, State and Local governments to supply GSuite for Public Sector Remote Work and offering discounts and support for governments looking for a cost effective, fast and possibly temporary solution. You can learn more about Google Cloud's work here, and if you are interested in using GSuite for your work at home needs, please see here for offerings we have to aid your government with remote work, including video conferencing. 


  • Government COVID Apps: As governments submit new apps to the Play Store in response to COVID-19, we are streamlining the review process to respond to requests as soon as possible. If you are a government body or public health entity (eg. Red Cross) or a developer commissioned to build an app on their behalf, please provide verifiable documentation for our review via ”Provide advance Notice to the Google Play App review form” on the help center page. Choose “Government apps proof of permission” from the pull down menu. 


Resources to Share with Your Constituents 

  • New COVID-19 Website: Google, working with the relevant agencies, launched a nationwide website — available at — for COVID-19. Folk can find state-based resources, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, as well as, additional resources for individuals, educators and businesses.  

  • Resources to Work or Learn Remotely: We’ve launched a remote work resource center with free tools and resources to keep you connected and productive.

  • Small Business Resources: We’ve created a page specifically for small and medium businesses who may be affected by COVID-19. 

  • Supporting Schools:  At this link is a two-pager outlining way Google can help schools stay connected during COVID-19 closures. For educators, Teach From Home is a central hub of information, tips, training and tools from across Google for Education to help teachers keep teaching, even when they aren’t in the classroom. 


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