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The Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce has proudly served Clarksville-Montgomery County for 115 years. Since 1905, countless volunteers have pursued a common mission: to enhance the quality of life for Clarksville residents by working to promote business and economic development and represent the interests of Chamber membership.

Today, the Chamber represents more than 800 member businesses accounting for nearly 30,000 full-time employees. Members work in retail, finance, education, healthcare, real estate, government, law, communications, transportation, and many other industries.

To effectively represent this broad and diverse membership base, Chamber volunteers and staff work daily to maintain a business-friendly environment in which existing businesses can flourish and new businesses can bring economic impact and jobs to Clarksville-Montgomery County.

The Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce has a board of directors made up of business and community leaders. The board helps to make important decisions about the annual goals for the Chamber as well as the day to day business of the four-person Chamber staff.


Our Mission

The mission of the Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce shall be to represent the interests of the business community and its membership by advancing community development, promoting the business and economic environment, and improving the welfare of the community by enhancing the quality of life in the region.


History & Past Presidents

*M.A. Stratton
*Michael Savage
*F. Norman Smith
*Howard D. Pettus
*W. Earnest Beach
*George Fort
*Charles W. Bailey
*James Murtland
*John J. Conroy, Sr.
*William B. Dunlop, Sr.
*Graham W. Scarborough
*J. Moore Dickson
*F. Norman Smith
*Adolf Hach
*E.E. Mason
*Jack B. Miller
*Charles V. Runyon, Sr.
*J. Ray King
*Howard D. Pettus
*Joseph Boillin
*W.D. Hudson, Sr.
*John J. Conroy, Jr.
*Richard M. Hawkins,
*Jesse F. Perry
*Walton N. Smith, Sr.
Ben S. Kimbrough
*Arch E. Northington



*Edward M. Norman
*Charles W. Cross
*Matt H. Rudolph
*Charles E. Malone
*Jack H. Frost
*Hal R. Stone
*Perkins Freeman
*Frank N. McGregor
Jack B. Turner
*William H. Birdsong, Jr.
*Rufus S. Johnson
*Mel Mayfield
Richard H. Batso
*Harry H. Orgain, Jr.
Ross H. Hicks
*James P. Mann
*James G. Holleman
Dotson R. Guinn
Brown Harvey, Jr.
Wendell H. Gilbert
*Jack Mayer
*Henry Cochran
*L.C. Burkhalter
William C. Sites
Coy Baggett, Jr.
Dr. Oscar Page


F. Gene Washer
Billy Atkins
Walton N. Smith, Jr.
Tom Ritterspacher
James L. Decker
Ted McCurdy
Cecil Morgan, Jr.
John R. Wallace
James T. Mann
Niesha M. Wolfe
Richard P. Rossetti
Randy Kelley
Sammy Stuard
Dr. Carmen Reagan
Gary Norris
Mark Holleman
David Smith
Dr. Jeannie Beauchamp
Steve Kemmer
Charles Foust, Jr.
Katie Gambill
Tommy Bates
Sidney Johnson
Charlie Koon
Jay Albertia
Keith Bennett